24 Hour AC Repair Houston Heights 77007 77008

A dirty filter can cause all types of problems. When an air conditioning filter is neglected it can cause all types of problems for the Houston Heights homeowner. In many cases 24 hour emergency ac repair will be required. it is not a good idea to keep HVAC repair on hold for a long time as they can cause many long term potential problems in the future. it is a good idea to rectify these problems as soon as possible. Many times in Houston Heights a dirty filter will case a clogged up evaporator coil. If your evaporator coil gets dirty you will have to get your air conditioning radiator coil chemically treated. In order to clean your evaporator coil, you will have to acid wash your coil, until the coil gets cleaned. Special clothes, mask, and ventilation will be required of the situation if your equipment needs special maintenance. An acid wash can sometimes be a a major job, and should only be done by a licensed HVAC professional.

24 hour ac repair can also be caused by a dirty condenser coil. A dirty condenser coil can lead to all types of HVAC related problems. This kind of neglect can lead to a bad compressor, capacitor, contactor, & thermostat. When your coil becomes dirty your system will operate with a higher amperage draw. All your components will work harder as a result of this excess dirt in your system. In Houston, having a clean a/c system is a big emergency and should be considered accordingly. The hot temperature also don’t help. A hot temp will also make your system work harder. Capacitors have an average life expectancy of 5-10 years depending on the usage of the Houston HVAC equipment. When capacitors begin to go bad is when they start to swell up. A swollen capacitor will hamper the start of your compressor and indoor or outdoor fan motor. Bad capacitors can cause all types of complications to your home HVAC system. It can cause you indoor blower motor to overheat as well.

Emergency AC Repair Houston Heights 77007 77008

It is important to understand the consequences of proper maintenance in your home Houston Heights emergency HVAC system. You should have your maintenance done at least once a year by a certified 24 hour ac repair technician. An emergency technician will have the proper experience in dealing with many problem that can arise in a night, weekend, or holiday. Its is also important to have you HVAC plumbing checked. The PVC pipes in your attic can get clogged and cause major water damage in your homes attic. Slime can accumulate in your pipes causing your pipes not to drain correctly. Nitrogen will be required to blow out your lines. There is a good chance your water float switches will be activated by the excess water in your pipes & drain pan. It is not a good idea to keep water in your drain pan for long periods of time. This can cause rust to form in your emergency drain pan. A frozen coil can be caused by many other similar problems. When you ac system is low on refrigerant you HVAC system can also freeze. It is important to always have the proper refrigerant charge in your system to prevent compressor failure as well. A system operating low on refrigerant can cause the compressor to over heat. It is a good idea to have your HVAC system leak checked to repair your refrigerant leak. Refrigerant can be expensive, so it is a good idea to have a reputable ac repair company to come inspect your air conditioning unit.

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